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SPOPMAB is a support system mechanism that works for the development of human capital as well as increased equity among the visually impaired to carry out their socioeconomic activities. The scheme was officially launched on December 2, 2021 in conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

To be actively and meaningfully involved in today's technologically oriented , environment the visually impaired community in Malaysia needs to have adequate support both in terms of equipment and technical knowledge.


1) To increase the ability of the visually impaired in carrying out an independent life;

2) To improve the mechanism of providing direct assistive technological aid to the visually impaired in Malaysia;

3) To facilitate research activities that benefits the visually impaired community in Malaysia;

4) To value add the human capital skills among the visually impaired;

5) To cultivate the utilization of assistive technology among the visually impaired;

6) To portray a positive image of the visually impaired community in society.


NO SCHEME Terms of Application Application Method
1 Low Vision Aid Tools Funding Scheme • All applicants should comply to the terms and condition stipulated in the application form.
• Must attend training workshops for using the requested support tools if the applicants do not have sufficient skills in using them.
• All application should be via online
• All completed submission will receive an acknowledgement from the Secretariat
• Successful application will be notified by the Secretariat in writing
2 Assistive Technology ICT Funding Scheme
3 Research Equipment Funding Scheme
4 Sports Equipment Funding Scheme
5 Arts and Music Equipment Funding Scheme
6 Entreprenuer Equipment Funding Scheme

For those who are interested to apply the MAB VISUALLY IMPAIRED DEVELOPMENT SCHEME (SPOPMAB)
please download the information and complete the application form via online as follows:

Online form and attachment
* please download and attach the support letter when filling out the online form

Online form

The scheme is only eligible for blind and visually impaired applicants and no dateline for submission

Please email any queries regarding the MAB VISUALLY IMPAIRED DEVELOPMENT SCHEME (SPOPMAB) to